Videokonferenz – ZOOM-Treffen, 5. März 2021

Meeting ID: 860 4782 5339

Time: 10 AM (CET)

Present :           Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Austria, Spain

Participants:Grażyna Król, Hana Čepová, Anete Ziepniece, Magdalena Miladinovic, Monica Moreno

Videoconference schedule

1Welcome. Start of the meeting.
2Brief information from each partner country about COVID-19 situation and about chances of vaccination of project participants including following issues: (- chances for organizing remaining TPMs in the year 2021; – how you see your participation in TPMs (in person), would you consider traveling?)  
3Extension of the project implementation period
4Identification of tasks not yet implemented in the project – what is the situation as for: A4 – Local training for adults in each country – i.e.: organizing at least two educational events (workshops, course, seminar) for adult learners with the result of growing their digital skills (brief info from all partners).
5E-brochure „Digital inclusion of adults – collection of good practices”
6The matter of translating the brochure – discussion
7Project dissemination  
8Online Resource Center
9Financial issues
10Questions and requests