2nd International meeting in Prague 5-6 March 2020

The second meeting of DigiAdults Erasmus+ Project took place in Prague, on March 2020. The meeting was influenced by the absence of Spanish colleagues who did not attend the meeting due to concerns about the infection of the corona virus. The meeting was attended by representatives of Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Latvia.

The meeting took place in the premises of the DiaVize Clinic, which is a long-term partner of the host organization Právě teď! o.p.s.

Participants of the meeting in Prague

Day 1 Meeting, Thursday, March 5, 2020

The meeting began with welcoming speech of host organization Právě teď! o.p.s. and the head of the project “Fundacja Edukacja i Media”. Then each partner briefly presented his activities that he had been carrying out in the project since the last meeting in Cracow (PL), while each of them presented his dissemination activities.

Mrs. Grazyna Krol, Project Manager from Fundacja Edukacja and Media, presented the project’s website to the participants, and then all participants discussed how to further expand the website and how to use it.

After the lunch break, the meeting continued with the presentation of all partners about their practical Exchange of good practices. Each organization presented in detail at least one activity that it has carried out and is related to the DigiAdults topic. M&M Profuture Training partners from Spain also presented their results via video conferencing.

After late lunch, participants followed by a walk through Prague where they met the most important sights of the city. The walk was finished together with dinner in a pleasant vegetarian restaurant. “Těžká hlava” in the Prague´s Old Town.

Culture activities and sightseeing was organized for participants during project meeting in Prague.

Day 2 Meeting, Friday, March 6, 2020

The second day of the meeting began with feedback and a summary of the topics from the previous day. This was followed by the presentation of the Austrian partner VAEV to the upcoming E-book “Digital inclusion of adults – collection of good practices” with guidelines for teachers and adult educators. The topics of the book and the processing were then discussed between all partners.

After the break, Reporting topics were discussed. The issue of Interim report and Main decisions and schedule was discussed then and Tasks that should be done before the next meeting (recapitulation and deadlines). This ended the morning block and the participants then attended a joint lunch.

After lunch, all the important information and deadlines were discussed repeated again. Participants would be reminded of the date of the future 3rd project meeting – July 2020, Riga, Latvia, which will be provided by Latvian partner Biedrība “” KāpNes “” and a preliminary date for Zoom meeting scheduled for May 2020.

At the end of the meeting, the participants were given certificates and the meeting was terminated as planned.